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At GhostWritertotheRescue, we take immense pride in providing not just exceptional book ghostwriting services, but also premier graphic novel illustration services. Our team of talented illustrators are adept at creating wholly original and engaging artwork for any graphic novel genre, utilizing their comprehensive professional knowledge and skills to enhance your project. Let us take your graphic novel to the next level with our compelling illustrations.

Order 1 Page To Test Our Writing Service is your one-stop hub for personalized children’s book illustrations. Our team of distinguished children’s book illustrators brings narratives to life through vivid, engaging artwork that is sure to delight young readers

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Our Process

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We start by engaging in a detailed discussion to create illustrations that accurately reflect your book, ensuring optimal results. Feel free to ask any questions or seek clarification on even the minutest details

Research & Draft Outline

Our illustrator drafts an initial sketch for your review. This stage is open for modifications before refining the details

Approval of Hook

Post-approval of the draft, our illustrators focus on transforming your vision into reality, adding colors, details, and outlines

Writing Phase

Client approval is a must before finalizing the illustration. Any revisions pertaining to colors, design, size, and shape are made at this stage

Approval of Verses

This step involves fine-tuning the illustrations, perfecting each image, whether it be a book cover or interior illustrations

Feedback & Warm Wishes

Your enchanting illustrations are now ready to be integrated into your children's book and shared with the world! We deliver the illustrations in the required format, ready for printing

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Exemplary Children's Book Cover Illustration Services

Our skilled illustrators are proficient in designing enticing book covers for children’s books, ensuring each project is filled with vibrant, appealing, and imaginative visuals. Regardless of the story’s theme, our adept team is equipped to handle any challenge while delivering superior artwork to complement your book.

Our striking illustrations are a testament to the exceptional quality we uphold. Our full-time professionals are masters in their craft, diligently working with clients to understand their goals and ensure satisfaction with our illustrations. Our reputation for producing excellent children’s book illustrations propels us to consistently uphold our high standards.

Hire Skilled Children's Book Illustrators Today!

All you need to do is specify your requirements, and we’ll connect you with an illustrator perfectly suited to your needs. We invite you to browse our portfolios and samples to aid your decision-making process. We ensure each illustrator is innovative and competent in crafting delightful images that will engage young readers. Discover the difference when you hire a children’s book illustrator from our company

The Best Illustrators for Children's Books at Your Service

Locating the ideal illustrator for your book can be challenging, especially when it comes to children’s literature. You need illustrations that precisely depict your story and charm young readers. Our proficient illustrators offer a variety of drawing styles to suit any narrative.

Selecting the right illustration services can be intricate. Clients need illustrations that not only captivate children but are also relevant and age-appropriate. Regardless of your budget, we pledge to provide enchanting illustrations for your book. Our collaborative illustrators offer multiple revisions until you are entirely satisfied.

We give top priority to originality and exclusivity in every children’s book illustration we create. Our illustrators display remarkable talent across diverse genres, confidently ensuring unmatched quality and affordability for all illustrations.

We aim to cultivate a warm, accessible environment where clients feel comfortable discussing their projects. We value each project and client as unique and important, which enables us to better understand your needs, keep you updated, and deliver on your expectations. We highly value close collaboration and your feedback. Contact us now for a free consultation to discuss your project details and explore our affordable children’s book illustration services.


We provide suitable formats for your illustrations based on your specific needs, such as PDF, EPS, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop files, all ready for production. We also provide online preview files in PNG or JPEG formats. Furthermore, you will receive full legal copyright, ensuring the design is entirely yours

Come loaded with ideas! We encourage you to browse our website for inspiration from illustrations created by our design community. Share any details that might influence your design, such as color preferences, character descriptions, themes, dimensions, and any artwork you admire. The more information you provide, the more your illustration will resonate with your vision. We strive to understand as much as possible to create the most appealing and captivating illustrations for young readers

We offer customized packages to suit a variety of budgets. You can visit our website to view the available packages and choose the one that best fits your needs. Costs are typically dependent on the number of illustrations and the level of detail required.

Illustrations typically take between 4-6 weeks to complete. However, we do offer expedited services for an additional fee. We also welcome unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product

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