Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a Ghostwriter?

Got an idea for a book? Wonderful, our scribes will convert it into an impressive book leveraging their literary talents. You only need to concentrate on ideation. If you have pre-existing drafts, our writers can refine them into a suitable format based on all requirements and deadlines

What's the standard protocol for ghostwriting?

Our methods can vary to suit the client's comfort. Generally, clients liaise directly with the manager via calls, messages, or emails. After the writing phase begins, we devise a comprehensive plan with the outline. Post client's approval, we start crafting the main text, progressing chapter by chapter, delivering all drafts to the client, and making necessary modifications throughout the process

What's the timeframe to write my book?

The writing phase can range from 3 to 12 months on average, depending on various individual factors. If a stringent deadline is in place, we ensure to accommodate it to meet the client's satisfaction

Who retains the copyright, the Ghostwriter or me?

You, as the client, are the sole copyright holder. The book is yours, and you possess all its rights. Ghostwriters are contracted workers with no entitlement to the written material

Can you assist in revising my manuscript?

Certainly, we are here to help restructure your manuscript into an appropriate format. Additionally, the editing process is usually less time-consuming and costly

Can you facilitate publishing my book?

Indeed, we can aid in publishing your book on platforms like Amazon and other online sources, or provide guidance for publishing based on the agency's recommendations

What are the acceptable payment methods?

We accept a variety of methods, including bank transfers, Wise, and card payments. This can be discussed with your personal manager to select the most convenient option for you

How is my confidentiality maintained?

A confidentiality agreement is always signed before initiating the book writing, guaranteeing your information and that of your book will not be disclosed

Is it possible to set up a payment plan?

Yes, we provide payment plans, so you aren't compelled to pay the total fee upfront. We'll discuss and agree on the most suitable plan for you. However, a down payment is required before writing begins

How much will it cost?

The cost is contingent on multiple factors such as the genre, number of pages, deadline, additional services, and writer's expertise. Submit a request, and your personal manager will provide an exact quote

What other services are available?

We offer comprehensive services necessary for book creation, ranging from editing drafts and synopsis creation to complete book writing from the ground up. For more details, refer to "Other services".

How can your service assist me?

If you're in need of book writing assistance, our passionate team, rich in ghostwriting experience, is delighted to help you produce a bestseller. Even acclaimed authors utilize such services to conserve their time

How will you manage writing my book across different time zones?

Advancements in technology facilitate communication with people worldwide. As we interact with clients via calls, messages, or emails, timezone differences are no barrier. A personal manager in line with your timezone will be assigned, ensuring seamless communication. We have successfully penned hundreds of books for numerous global clients

Can you design my book cover or develop illustrations and infographics?

Yes, our in-house team of designers and illustrators are ready to help!

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